Thursday, May 31, 2007


Scotland, on vacation

Well it all started by leaving Bagram Afghanistan Thursday evening on a C-17 to Al Udied, Qatar. The plane was practically empty with one soldier and 3 civilians.

I flew in to Scotland on Saturaday afternoon from Doha Qatar. I had been there for over 24 hours at the airport because I had come from the Air Base a little late for the only British Air flight of the day. They only fly once a day, so I had to wait till friday night for the next one.

I arrived a day ahead of Susan, Val, Tucker and Nick. We have been getting shown around by Susan's sister Mabel. She has taken us to castles, cities, skateparks and ofcouse the train station yesterday so we could take the 2 1/2 hour trip to Edenbough to see the sights. It was drizzle most of the day.
This is Susan standing on the corner waiting for the kids to catch up and the kids in front of the castle. We shopped, ate fish and chips, saw the National Museum and came back exhausted.

Friday, May 18, 2007


USO Concert, Toby Keith

The USO used our hanger to stage a concert by Toby Keith, a country/rock guy who does a lot of shows for them. I was amazed how bad the sound was behind and to the side of the stage, but out front it was clear and balanced. The helicopter we are working on is to the back of the hanger and the army had the band sign the nose before the concert.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Out of Order

I've had a 2 week problem with my internet. As you can see the wiring around here has been done by more than a few people over the years, get run, re-run, tugged, pulled, added on, cut, sliced, re-routed, but never left alone. The one picture is the box on my hut and then a shot of the neighborhood. The amount of systems is un-known because there is quite a few private internet dishes. I subscribe to the PX Base system which also has cable TV. I don't use the TV, but some do with-out the internet, if its confusing, try getting your problem fixed. I know of at least 4 Internet systems just for the people in my company.

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