Monday, March 30, 2009


Carthage, Illinois

This was my second time here, the first, I was too late in the day to take the tour. This time we went to the visitors center and saw their short film and then took the tour through the jail. Because of the heat that fateful day the prisoners were in the families bedroom next to the actual jail room. The door still has its bullet holes and the door has a piece that was cut out at the door edge and later returned to the church to put back together.


Nauvoo, Illinois

We spent a couple days driving around Nauvoo. Sunday we went to the Nauvoo 1st ward.


Hannibal, Missouri

Susan and I took a long weekend trip to Missouri and Illinois and got off the freeway and experienced some of the local flavors. Hannibal has made a lot about Mark Twain and tried to get some historical tie-in to his books. From where we were standing you can see the Mississippi river even with the high dike along it.

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