Monday, December 31, 2007



This can of hotdogs is sold in our little market. I have not actually bought one, because for one, they don't sell anything that comes close to being a hotdog bun. No matter what the can looks like, I don't think it actually has buns included. Second, I must have dill pickle relish for my 'dogs'. Which the closest they have in the store is a green chili looking relish from Thailand or someplace. I thought also how many small poodles are named after the makers of this obvious delight.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


VW Convertable

A local man who works as a driver owns this Bug, I think he told me its a 1978. The top is just a homemade rain tarp, not to be used for driving. The car is pretty rough, not bad from 20 feet away, but then few people own a car here percentage wise of the population. I've seen a few bugs around but not running.
The tread is completely gone on a couple of the tires. He told me its been difficult to find tires that will fit. Even back home I had to order them in for our bug.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Home based industry

From my first day in Nigeria I have seen bottles of peanuts sold by locals on the street. I've seen them in shops driving by with a proper label saying that they are sanitized and its done by health standards. Who knows. A level of trust is needed because these are hand shelled and put in bottles of a used nature. The bottles that are used for this are old alcohol bottles and they must be clear.
Notice the masking tape seal to the bottle caps. The small (I believe thats a 5th size bottle) bottle costs 60 naira, about 55 cents. The large size cost 200, a little less than 2 dollars. They are very good peanuts, I've had half a bottle already.
The small old guy at work who makes the coffee and tea sold these to me. He only asks me if I want a Fanta (orange soda) when I come in.


Centipede season

This is the second extra large centipede that has snuck up on me in the past week. This one was on the front door about eye height when I went to open it. It fell down just as I had grabbed the doorknob. The one early this week was sitting in front of the shower in the bathroom and it was bigger than this one.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Shell Oil Warri Side Hanger

This a closed off side room the the main hanger that has been fixed up nice with extra lights and air-conditioning that we do the major inspections in. At the moment the doors that are in back don't work without alot of pushing and shoving. just getting the AC bring the temp to a good working level, but does nothing for the humidity.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Lizards Everywhere

I walked up to my toolbox the first day here and I got quite a surprise. These lizards have the run of the country, which is good because the insects here are also plentiful. We have lizards running around the hanger and the other picture is one in front of my house. The colorful ones are said to be Male and the Females don't need the fancy colors to attract. Ive seen these things get a foot long and bright red head and tails. My house in Port Harcourt had one on the inside, but so far here, I haven't seen one inside.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


Front Yard

At one time, Shell put a lot of effort in landscaping these houses. They put in many types of flowering plants. I don't know if this is the season for them or its just year round.
Each house also had a security fence of its own, but by looking at the front gate, you can see that it hasn't been kept up. The fence around the entire housing complex has though. Behind the house the fence is about 10 feet high with a coil of razor wire on the top and a motion sensor wire running through the fence about 5 feet off the ground. This picture of it was taken from my bedroom window. The fence also has about a 3 feet deep foundation. On the other side is a neighborhood of the town we are next to.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Does this look like.......

The quiz for today is how much was the cost for this amount of food. The chips that look like Pringles are actually called Kracks and the are made in China ( a real good imitation), the drink is all local as is the bread. The candy bar looks English but its from South Africa under license from Cadbury. The peanut butter and Mayo are USA. Now for the total, $37. Thats right 37 dollars. The big costs were the peanut butter ( 7 dollars ) and the Mayo ( 3.50 ) and the candy ( 2.50 ).
At the beginning of the month the company ( Bristow Helicopters ) gives us our CLA, which is Cost of Living Allowance. Its 2500 naira per day, or about 24 dollars. They give it to us in cash, thats 78,000 naira in 200 and 500 bills. We shop at a little market close to the houses in the compound and get fresh stuff like Apples, Carrots and Eggs from some vendors that come in door to door. A dozen Brown Eggs cost about $2.50, so you can see we have to be careful with the imported food and use the local stuff if you can see that its good. The carrots I got look like the ones I used to grow, all different shapes and sizes. The eggs boiled perfectly though.

Monday, December 03, 2007


On to Warri

I left Port Harcourt on Wednesday, last week, the ride was less than a hour back to the north west. Warri is about 1/2 way between Port Harcourt and Lagos. Like I said before its a Shell Oil compound that has the housing attached, unlike Port Harcourt. That means my van ride to work is only about 5 minutes now.
The view out the cockpit windshield shows we are built on a river, that runway is only big enough for the company helicopters, no airplanes.
The house I live in is older and not as nice as before, but it makes up for it by being close to work.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Hanger at Port Harcourt

This is the hanger at Port Harcourt at the Shell Oil Corporate Compound. This is 15-60 minutes away from the housing compound, depending on traffic. The aircraft is a EC-155 built by the French and owned by Shell Oil.

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