Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ditches and Hills

The compound here has a series of drainage ditches along the roads that get rid of most of the water during the rains. Around the hanger they are concrete and its is amazing how much water is taken away. The mound of dirt is a nest built by a flying bug, some have told its like a termite and others an ant. I've seen these mounds 4 feet tall.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ships and Rain

The first and last picture were taken from about the same point, with a rain shower and without. It is considered the rainy season as well as being summer. I have to say summer is cooler and breezy compaired to winter. Because of the rain showers coming by all the time, it keeps the temperature down, humidity stays up there though.

The ship looks like its moving through the jungle, but really there is a large channel of water that goes along 2 sides of the airfield.

Friday, June 06, 2008


Back to work

I got back to Nigeria on June 1st and finally got to Warri and back to work on the 4th. This trip will be for exactly 6 weeks. Counting down to July 13 already.
The latest food options this week are truely global. The Yogurt came from Spain, $6 for the little 4 pack, Ravioli ( of course ) from Italy, $2.50, the snack nuts from India (very spicey), $2.50, and the bargain, Mustard from USA, $1.30.


Tucker is outta there

On May 28th, Tucker finished his time in High School. The Graduation was held at the Mckay Center at UVSC. I think he is more than ready to be out of School for awhile. The first picture is the one that was put up on the two big screens that they had set up.

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