Thursday, February 04, 2010


I gave away my memory card

So for starters, when I went back to work in December, I took 3 cameras for guys. But I only took 2 new memory cards, so I felt obligated to "loan" mine to the 3rd new owner. He never got his own locally, so my camera only has a 3 picture memory without a card. And I use the card to transfer pictures to my computer, who knows where the camera cord went. Well I'm back home and got another card.

Thats my excuse for no blogs for 6+ weeks.

Besides more snow, this is what greeted me at the shop this week.

Cris knows the best time to tear down a motorcycle is in the dead of winter. I didn't think he was going to tear it down so far. A good shot of the dual overhead cams though.

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