Saturday, June 16, 2007


Mongolia and now home

The first picture is Cris and I in front of this warrior statue and then across the road and up a hill is this Budda statue and then looking at some camels a farmer had set out for tourist, but he didn't bother brushing them to help get rid of their molting coats. Also the stick through the nose is how they control them.
We left Mongolia on Thursday night and flew to South Korea, got on another flight that went to Japan then LA and then another flight to Salt Lake City. We got home Friday afternoon but because we came across the Dateline we gained a day. We were traveling about 36 hours.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Soon to be the 8th wonder of the world

Cris and I drove out here with a rented taxi to see the giant Chinggis
(Ghengis for you americans). Anyway I got here on Friday morning very early and we have been sightseeing and walking like hundreds of miles since. We are currently in Darkhan at a small internet room.

And the picture we want to load wont, so we'll try again later. Well we are back in UB at a different internet cafe and the picture worked this time.

The other picture is a cow in the middle of this small town scratching its back on this sign. It struck me funny, all the animals run loose all over.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Castles and More.

Well, we have had a busy week. Aunt Mabel took us to More beautiful castles and some that are not is such good shape.

The first castle is called Fyvie castle and it has been added on to over the years, most recent in 1890ish. It is owned by the National Trust of Scotland. It has tour guides and no pictures can be taken on the inside.

The ruins are called Slains castle and you can just climb and walk around them at will, no safety walkways or handrails and no guides. It sits on a hill over the ocean and the fog makes it even more spooky.

Aunt Mabel found her way to a couple skate parks so Nicky could get some energy out also.

Today is our last day in Scotland. Susan and the kids flew to London for the day and will go back home tomorrow. I leave today and fly to Mongolia tonight. They will get home about the time I see Cris on the 8th.

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