Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Battery died

Well, first of all, my camera battery finally gave up. It has been getting weaker and weaker, but finally won't hold a charge at all. No pictures for awhile.

I am supposedly going back to Afghanistan in a couple days. What happen was, earlier this week I went in and gave a notice to leave and go back to the US. Well, the next day the boss calls me in and says that he has an offer for me but I can't say anything about it to anyone here. He thinks a lot of guys would threaten to leave also to get a deal. Anyway, He says that if I keep my mouth shut that he can get me a transfer to Bagram, where I asked to go back in the first place. This is supposed to happen in 2 days but since our last conversation he hasn't talked to me again. I guess its still on. If not my last day here was going to be August 13th. Either way I don't have a whole lot of time left here.

We are on the last couple days of the 3 aircraft we are working on and who knows when we will get more. Our hours could be cut back again. More later...

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